What does it mean to be a breastfeeding friendly childcare provider? 

Childcare providers have an opportunity to support breastfeeding mothers anBreastfeeding Logod make the separation of mom and baby a smoother transition. Having a supportive child care provider will allow mom to focus on spending time with baby while at home, as opposed to worrying about leaving the baby or deciding whether or not to continue breastfeeding.

Providers that are participating in the Breastfeeding Friendly Childcare Program must: 

  • Have an individual or team responsible for ensuring adherence to the 10 Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care.
  • Establish and follow supportive breastfeeding policies for consumers and employees.
  • Annually provide education opportunities to all staff on breastfeeding promotion and support.
  • Maintain a culturally competent, breastfeeding friendly environment, including a comfortable area for breastfeeding mothers to nurse or pump.
  • Provide accurate information and resources for families, by maintaining connections with local breastfeeding coalitions.

    Childcare providers must meet the 10 Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Child Care and pass assessment to be recognized as breastfeeding friendly, and pass re-assessment every 2 years to maintain recognition.

To view a list of Recognized Breastfeeding Friendly Daycare Providers, click the link below. 

Current List of Breastfeeding Friendly Centers
(Updated November 2017)

Questions about breastfeeding friendly childcare? Contact Maggie Smith.