2019 Golden Shoe Challenge

                                                            October 7th-11th 2019

***Download a Golden Shoe Challenge log HERE!***

La Crosse County K-8th grade classrooms and students are invited to join the

Be active WHERE and WHEN you can!


1.To register and receive a set of tokens and chains please email your school and class size to: vloehr@lacrossecounty.org by October 1st.

2.Download (HERE) and print a log for students.

3.Take a daily walk and have students record their activity on their log.

4.Return logs to the Health Dept. (address on log) by Oct. 18th.

Classrooms who walk 4/5 days will be eligible for classroom prizes.


1.Download (HERE) and print a log.

2.BE ACTIVE every day and record your activity on your log.

3.Return your log to the Health Dept. (address on log) by Oct. 18th.

All returned logs will be entered into a prize drawing for sports equipment, Razor scooters, or gift cards to Subway and Barnes and Noble!

The Golden Shoe Award will be given to the school with the highest participation percentage. At least 25% of students from the school must participate.