2018 International Walk to School Day Resources

  1. School Coordinator’s Walk to School Day Guidebook
  2. 2018 School Planning Timeline
  3. 2018 Parent Letter
  4. Pedestrian Safety Lesson Plan Ages 4-8
  5. Pedestrian Safety Lesson Plan Ages 8-12
  6. Sample School Announcements
  7. 10 Ideas for Incorporating Education into IW2SDay Events
  8. Register your event and get more resources and ideas at www.walkbiketoschool.org. 
  9. Walk to School Day Crossword Puzzle and Word Search
  10. Walking School Bus Guide
  11. Tips for Parents Sheet
  12. Tips for Kids Sheet
  13. Volunteer Tip Sheet
  14. Safe Kids Worldwide Take Action Toolkit (Thinglink)
  15. Principles Behind Child Pedestrian Injury
  16. Basic Walking Safety: Tips to Teach Road Safety to Kids

Useful Safe Routes to School Links

Community Safe Routes to School Plans


National Walking and Bicycling Organizations

Federal Agencies