Square Foot Gardening Kit

20 square foot garden kits are being donated to ReNEW La Crosse for their annual revitalization and community development efforts for the Lower Northside Neighborhood in La Crosse. The kits, which include frame, hardware, soil and how to guide, are being donated by Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare, WisCorps Inc., and Purple Cow Organics as a means to help improve community wellness. Seeds and seedlings, featuring some of the 2017 Harvest of the Month items will be donated along with the kits. These are being facilitated by Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, the La Crosse Seed Library and GROW La Crosse.

For more information about how to receive a square foot gardening kit or to volunteer for the event visit: www.habitatlacrosse.org/programs/renew-la-crosse/