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Applications for the 2013-2014 La Crosse County Safe Routes to School program are now available and being accepted for K-8th grade schools!

Please complete the application (linked below) and send in PDF format to both AND by Friday, August 15th, 2014. Applications will be reviewed and schools will be notified by August 22nd, 2014.

Please call 608-785-9833 with any questions or email

Download the 2014 2015 Lax SRTS Application.

2014-2015 La Crosse County Safe Routes to School Program

  1. Available Funding:

$500 school stipends are available for schools to participate in the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program for the 2014-2015 school year. Stipends can be used for 1) WSB/Liaison stipend, 2) Incentives/supplies to support activities, and 3) Printing for materials related to activities.

Participating schools will be assigned a SRTS staff member who will assist throughout the year with program activities. When possible the La Crosse County SRTS program will provide schools modest incentives such as stickers, buttons, reflectors, tattoos, etc. to support weekly activities. Quantities are limited and not guaranteed.

Other prizes and incentives may also be given to participate in the additional La Crosse County sponsored activities (see below for list).

Program requirements:

  1. Designate a Safe Routes to School Liaison to serve as the primary contact with La Crosse County Safe Routes to School staff
  2. SRTS Liaison and school principal must participate in an initial meeting with SRTS staff
  3. Coordinate a minimum of 8 weeks of weekly Walking School Bus/Walk n Roll to School Days in fall 2014
  4. Coordinate a minimum of 8 weeks of weekly Walking School Bus/Walk n Roll to School Days in spring 2015
  5. Provide bicycle safety education to students at least once per year (examples will be provided)
  6. Provide pedestrian safety education to students at least once per year (examples will be provided )
  7. Include 1 bicycle safety and 1 pedestrian safety article in school newsletter (articles will be provided)
  8. Distribute Parent/Guardian Survey About Walking and Biking once per year (required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; copies provided)
  9. Collect walk/bike information through Classroom Tally forms in October (required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation; forms provided)
  10. Select at least 2 additional activities throughout the school year which may include:
    • Walk to School Day (October)
    • Walk to School Challenge (October)
    • Fire Up Your Feet Activity Challenge (fall)
    • Winter Walk to School Day (February)
    • At least 2 monthly themed Walk to School Days (November-March)
    • Bike to School Day (May)
    • Bike Train (anytime)
    • Wheel to School Week Challenge (May)
    • 2nd Walking School Bus each week for a minimum of 4 weeks (anytime)
    • Other activities as approved by SRTS staff

What is Safe Routes to School?

Imagine a school where the majority of students arrive by bike or by walking rather than in vehicles. Imagine a school with less traffic congestion, cleaner air, and full bike racks. Imagine a school where students are able to navigate traffic safely, arriving at school alert and ready to learn. Imagine transforming how children and youth think about transportation not only today but for the rest of their lives. Safe Routes to School (SRTS) helps make this imagined scenario a reality.

Safe Routes to School encourages children and youth to walk and bicycle to and from school by working with parents, children, schools, and government and community leaders to improve conditions surrounding schools, implementing projects that improve safety and accessibility, and making active commuting an appealing option.

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