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La Crosse Takes a Stand for Fruits and Veggies with Innovative Marketing Campaign

La Crosse County FoodWIse, and the La Crosse County Health Department, in collaboration with other local and state partners announced a partnership with FNV, the brand for fruits and veggies. Together, FNV and local partners are on a mission to get La Crosse residents eating more fruits and veggies!

FNV – or fruits and veggies – is a campaign that has united every type of fruit and veggie under one awesome brand. With a dash of playful creativity and help from over 85 celebrities, FNV is harnessing the power of marketing to promote fruits and veggies in the same way big brands market their products.

The FNV campaign was recently featured at the La Crosse Loggers Mascot Olympics where our very own carrot and cucumber entered the competition. The cucumber brought home the silver medal and the carrot brought home the bronze medal!  

Key Points:

  • Of the $2 billion per year spent advertising food and beverages – less than 1% is spent on healthier foods.
  • FNV was created to say enough is enough, and finally give fruits and veggies a little skin in the game.
  • FNV is NOT an education campaign. FNV is a social marking campaign aimed at shifting attitudes and social norms about fruits and vegetables.
  • FNV is a campaign targeting millennials (ages 18-34).

Want to spread your love for fruits and veggies too? It’s easy, just start snapping photos of your favorite fruits and veggies, cool ways you prepare them, or tricks for getting them into your (or your kids’!) meals. Remember to tag @TeamFNV and use the hashtag #FNVinWI so we can see how much Wisconsin really loves fruits and veggies.

Coulee Region Farm2School’s Harvest of the Month – Strawberries

The June Harvest of the Month for the Coulee Region Farm2School program is strawberries! Strawberry season is typically just a few short weeks in June – look for a pick your own farm and bring the family to enjoy this summer treat. Choose brightly colored, fragrant berries without soft spots or mold. Refrigerate unwashed berries for a few days or freeze clean, hulled berries to enjoy a taste of summer in cooler months. Looking for a summer picnic idea?  Try fruit kebobs!  Skewer strawberries, watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries and pineapple. For more information about F2S, click here.

Square Foot Gardening Kit

20 square foot garden kits are being donated to ReNEW La Crosse for their annual revitalization and community development efforts for the Lower Northside Neighborhood in La Crosse. The kits, which include frame, hardware, soil and how to guide, are being donated by Mayo Clinic Health System Franciscan Healthcare, WisCorps Inc., and Purple Cow Organics as a means to help improve community wellness. Seeds and seedlings, featuring some of the 2017 Harvest of the Month items will be donated along with the kits. These are being facilitated by Hillview Urban Agriculture Center, the La Crosse Seed Library and GROW La Crosse.

For more information about how to receive a square foot gardening kit or to volunteer for the event visit: